Overview of Google Cloud's operations suite for GKE

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) includes native integration with Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging. When you create a GKE cluster running on Google Cloud, Cloud Operations for GKE is enabled by default and provides a monitoring dashboard specifically tailored for Kubernetes.

With Cloud Operations for GKE, you can control whether or not Cloud Logging collects application logs. You also have the option to disable the Cloud Monitoring and Cloud Logging integration altogether. For more information on the installation instructions, see Configuring Cloud Operations for GKE.

About Cloud Operations for GKE

Cloud Operations for GKE is designed to monitor GKE clusters. It manages Monitoring and Logging services together and features a Cloud Operations for GKE dashboard that provides a customized interface for GKE clusters:

  • You can view a cluster's key metrics, such as CPU utilization, memory utilization, and the number of open incidents.

  • You can view clusters by their infrastructure, workloads, or services.

  • You can inspect namespaces, nodes, workloads, services, pods, and containers.

  • For pods and containers, you can view metrics as a function of time and view log entries.


Cloud Operations for GKE is priced based on the amount of logs and metrics collected. See the Pricing page for details.

Cloud Operations for GKE how-to guides