Create a TCP connection by using ADO.NET

Open a TCP connection to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL by using an ADO.NET Connection object.

Code sample


            // Equivalent connection string:
            // "Uid=<DB_USER>;Pwd=<DB_PASS>;Host=<DB_HOST>;Database=<DB_NAME>;"
            var connectionString = new NpgsqlConnectionStringBuilder()
                // The Cloud SQL proxy provides encryption between the proxy and instance.
                SslMode = SslMode.Disable,

                // Remember - storing secrets in plain text is potentially unsafe. Consider using
                // something like to help keep
                // secrets secret.
                Host = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("DB_HOST"),     // e.g. ''
                // Set Host to 'cloudsql' when deploying to App Engine Flexible environment
                Username = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("DB_USER"), // e.g. 'my-db-user'
                Password = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("DB_PASS"), // e.g. 'my-db-password'
                Database = Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable("DB_NAME"), // e.g. 'my-database'
            connectionString.Pooling = true;
            // Specify additional properties here.
            return connectionString;

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