Create a socket connection when using Go

Open a Unix socket connection to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL by using Go's database/sql package.

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var (
	dbUser                 = mustGetenv("DB_USER")                  // e.g. 'my-db-user'
	dbPwd                  = mustGetenv("DB_PASS")                  // e.g. 'my-db-password'
	instanceConnectionName = mustGetenv("INSTANCE_CONNECTION_NAME") // e.g. 'project:region:instance'
	dbName                 = mustGetenv("DB_NAME")                  // e.g. 'my-database'

socketDir, isSet := os.LookupEnv("DB_SOCKET_DIR")
if !isSet {
	socketDir = "/cloudsql"

dbURI := fmt.Sprintf("user=%s password=%s database=%s host=%s/%s", dbUser, dbPwd, dbName, socketDir, instanceConnectionName)

// dbPool is the pool of database connections.
dbPool, err := sql.Open("pgx", dbURI)
if err != nil {
	return nil, fmt.Errorf("sql.Open: %v", err)

// ...

return dbPool, nil

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