Cloud SQL feature support by database engine

This page lists the main features of Cloud SQL and indicates which database engines support these features.

The checkmarks in Table 1 contain links to related topics.

Table 1. Cloud SQL features

MySQL PostgreSQL SQL Server
Backups and high availability Backups
Point-in-time recovery (PITR)
High availability
Cloning Cloning
Data migration Data migration to external servers
Logs Audit logging
Instance logging
Maintenance windows Maintenance windows
Maintenance notifications
Proxy Cloud SQL Auth proxy support
Replication Read replicas
Cross-region read replicas
External read replicas
Binary logging on read replicas
Replication from an external server
Read replica indexes stored procedures
Logical replication
Security Customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK)
Connection organization policies
IAM database authentication
VPC Service Controls
Insights Query Insights