Results from or sessions.executeSql.

JSON representation
  "metadata": {
    object (ResultSetMetadata)
  "rows": [
  "stats": {
    object (ResultSetStats)

object (ResultSetMetadata)

Metadata about the result set, such as row type information.


array (ListValue format)

Each element in rows is a row whose format is defined by metadata.row_type. The ith element in each row matches the ith field in metadata.row_type. Elements are encoded based on type as described here.


object (ResultSetStats)

Query plan and execution statistics for the SQL statement that produced this result set. These can be requested by setting ExecuteSqlRequest.query_mode. DML statements always produce stats containing the number of rows modified, unless executed using the ExecuteSqlRequest.QueryMode.PLAN ExecuteSqlRequest.query_mode. Other fields may or may not be populated, based on the ExecuteSqlRequest.query_mode.

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