Query optimizer configuration.

JSON representation
  "optimizerVersion": string


An option to control the selection of optimizer version.

This parameter allows individual queries to pick different query optimizer versions.

Specifying latest as a value instructs Cloud Spanner to use the latest supported query optimizer version. If not specified, Cloud Spanner uses the optimizer version set at the database level options. Any other positive integer (from the list of supported optimizer versions) overrides the default optimizer version for query execution.

The list of supported optimizer versions can be queried from SPANNER_SYS.SUPPORTED_OPTIMIZER_VERSIONS.

Executing a SQL statement with an invalid optimizer version fails with an INVALID_ARGUMENT error.

See https://cloud.google.com/spanner/docs/query-optimizer/manage-query-optimizer for more information on managing the query optimizer.

The optimizerVersion statement hint has precedence over this setting.