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The first horizontally scalable, strongly consistent, relational database service

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No-Compromise Relational Database Service

Cloud Spanner is the world’s first fully managed relational database service to offer both strong consistency and horizontal scalability for mission-critical online transaction processing (OLTP) applications. With Cloud Spanner you enjoy all the traditional benefits of a relational database; but unlike any other relational database service, Cloud Spanner scales horizontally to hundreds or thousands of servers to handle the biggest transactional workloads.

Customers across industries use Cloud Spanner for mission-critical use cases including:

  • Powering customer authentication and provisioning for multi-national businesses
  • Building consistent systems for transactions and inventory management in the financial services and retail industries
  • Supporting high-volume systems that require low latency and high throughput in the advertising and media industries

Cloud Spanner: The best of the relational and NoSQL worlds

Cloud Spanner Traditional Relational Traditional Non-Relational
Schema doneYes doneYes clearNo
SQL doneYes doneYes clearNo
Consistency doneStrong doneStrong clearEventual
Availability doneHigh clearFailover doneHigh
Scalability doneHorizontal clearVertical doneHorizontal
Replication doneAutomatic autorenewConfigurable autorenewConfigurable

Rely on Strong Consistency, Scale, and Performance

Never trade off between scale and consistency again. Cloud Spanner scales horizontally within regions (expanding to cross-region replication later in 2017), and serves data with single-digit millisecond latencies, while maintaining transactional consistency and up to 99.999% (five 9s) availability. Scale out your RDBMS solutions without complex sharding or clustering.

Expect Familiar Relational Semantics

Cloud Spanner provides important functionality you’d expect from a relational database, including ACID transactions, relational schemas (and schema changes without downtime), and SQL (ANSI 2011) queries.

Maximize Business Uptime

Global, automatic, synchronous replication with low latency ensures your data is highly available and consistent. Battle tested by Google’s own mission-critical applications and services, Spanner powers Google’s $80 billion business.

Focus On Your Application, Not Infrastructure

Use your IT resources to focus on your application logic instead of spending valuable time managing hardware and software. Fully managed and built for the cloud, Cloud Spanner’s automatic sharding and synchronous replication guarantee high availability for applications without the need for you to engineer a complex replication and failover infrastructure.

Get Comprehensive Security And Control

Google-grade security includes encryption by default in transit and at rest, granular identity & access management, comprehensive audit logging, custom-manufactured hardware, hardware tracking and disposal, and the Google-owned and controlled global network. Learn more about Google Cloud Platform’s comprehensive security architecture.

Cloud Spanner Features

The first horizontally scalable, globally consistent, relational database service

Global Scale
Horizontally scalable across regions and data centers, from 1 to hundreds or thousands of nodes.
Fully Managed
Database management service means replication and maintenance are automatic.
Relational Semantics
Everything you would expect from a relational database—schemas, ACID transactions, and SQL queries (ANSI 2011).
Multi-Language Support
Client libraries in C#, Go, Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby. JDBC driver for connectivity with popular third-party tools.
Transactional Consistency
Purpose-built for strong, global transactional consistency.
Enterprise Grade Security
Data-layer encryption, IAM integration for access and controls, and audit logging.
Highly Available
Whenever, wherever, your data is highly available.

“Cloud Spanner presents tremendous value for our customers who are retailers, manufacturers and wholesale distributors around the world. With its ease of provisioning and scalability, it will accelerate our ability to bring cloud-based omni-channel supply chain solutions to our users around the world.”

- John Sarvari Group Vice President, Technology, JDA

“Based on our experience and performance testing, Cloud Spanner is the most compelling option we’ve seen to power a high-scale relational query workload. It has the performance and scalability of a NoSQL database, but can execute SQL so it’s a viable alternative to sharded MySQL. It’s an impressive technology and could dramatically simplify how we manage our databases.”

- Peter Bakkum Platform Lead, Quizlet

Cloud Spanner Pricing

Pricing for Cloud Spanner is simple and predictable. You are only charged for the number of nodes in your instance, the amount of storage that your tables and secondary indexes use (not pre-provisioned), and the amount of network bandwidth used. For more detailed pricing information, please view the pricing guide.

  • $0.90 per node per hr (us-central1, europe-west1, asia-east1)
  • $1.17 per node per hr (asia-northeast1)
Coming Soon
  • $0.30 per GB per month (us-central1, europe-west1, asia-east1)
  • $0.39 per GB per month (asia-northeast1)
Coming Soon
Network Ingress FREE
Network Egress Cross-region and internet egress rates apply
If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

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