Pricing and quotas

This page contains current pricing and quota information for Cloud Source Repositories.


Cloud Source Repositories is free for up to 5 project-users1 per billing account. The free tier comes with up to 50GB free storage total and 50GB free egress per month. Cloud Source Repositories always comes with unlimited repositories. Please note that while the billing for disk storage is pro-rated, the billing for project-user usage is not.

Free tier Overages
Up to 5 Users $1 per project-user over 5 project-users per month2
50 GB Storage $0.10 per GB storage3 per month
50 GB Egress $0.10 per GB egress per month

If you pay in a currency other than USD, the prices listed in your currency on Cloud Platform SKUs apply.

1 A project-user is a unique user for a unique project. This is a user that reads or writes data to the repository; the user counts as a project-user if they actually access the repository. Merely having access is not enough to incur charges. For example, if you were to work on two projects on the same billing account, your number of project-users would be two. If you were to work with a partner on three projects on the same billing account, you would exceed the 5 project-user limit of the free tier.

2 Billing is on a per month basis. Any activity on a billable repository during the month will be charged according to the pricing model. The $1 project-user charge is not pro-rated. The full $1 is assessed when a new unique user reads or modifies a repository, no matter what day of the month the first access from that user occurs on.

3 Disk storage is pro-rated. For example, exceeding the free tier by 1 GiB in the last hour of a 30-day month will cost less than a US penny.

Quotas and limitations

A single Google Cloud Platform project can have a maximum of 1,000 repositories.

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