This page describes tips, troubleshooting, and known issues that you might find helpful if you run into problems using Cloud Source Repositories.

Search results don't match expectations

It can take several hours for a newly added repository or large commit to be indexed for search. Please try again after a few hours. If no changes have been made in the last 24 hours or if this issue persists for over 24 hours, please contact support.

Users are unable to perform actions such as viewing or creating repositories

Cloud Source Repositories uses Identity and Access Management to grant permissions to users. If a user cannot perform a specific action, such as create a new repository, check to ensure they have the correct IAM permissions. To learn more about these permissions, see Configuring Access to Repositories.

For example, if a user has the permission to a repository, but does not have the source.repos.list permission on the project, the user cannot see the repository in the Repository view.

You can resolve this issue by granting the source.repos.list permission to the user on the project. Alternatively, the user can also access the repository through a direct hyperlink; however, the user will not be able to search the repository without being granted the source.repos.list permission on the project.

Cannot find newly-added project

If you just created a project, it can take a few minutes for the project information to update. Wait 10 minutes and refresh your browser. If the problem persists, please contact support.

Contents of deleted repositories still visible

It can take a few minutes for deleted content to get removed from the user interface. Refreshing your browser should resolve this issue.

Cannot locate commits

Cloud Source Repositories only displays the most recent commits during searches. To find older commits, use the History panel.