Browsing files in Cloud Shell

This topic describes how to browse files using Cloud Shell.

Opening a repository in Cloud Shell for the first time

  1. From the console, navigate to your list of repositories.

  2. Click the name of the repository.

    A screen opens, displaying the contents of the repository.

  3. Click Edit code.

    A new tab opens, containing the Cloud Shell environment. In addition, a dialog box opens, asking you to confirm that you would like to clone the repository into Cloud Shell.

  4. Click Proceed.

A Cloud Shell environment opens, containing a clone of your repository. By default, the location of the repository is ~/[repository name]. For example, ~/hello-world.

Opening a repository that already exists in Cloud Shell

If you have already cloned a repository into a Cloud Shell environment, follow the steps in the preceding section. When the Cloud Shell environment is ready, a command prompt asks you to select from one of the following options:

  • Navigate into that directory. Automatically change directories to the one containing your repository. For example, ~/hello-world.
  • Navigate into that directory and run git pull. Automatically change directories to the one containing your repository and pull the latest version of the repository to the Cloud Shell environment.
  • Clone a new copy using the git clone. Create a new folder containing the repository in the Cloud Shell environment. The new folder has the same name as the repository, with a number appended to it. For example, a second copy of the repository, hello-world, has the name ~/hello-world-2.
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