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Cloud Talent Solution

Cloud Talent Solution

Transform your job search capabilities with Cloud Talent Solution.
  • Find the right talent faster with acquisition technology that scales with your growing needs

  • Provide candidates and employers with features such as commute search and job search

  • Streamline and gradually improve your talent acquisition process with machine learning


Increase quality hires

Talent Solution uses ML technology to better understand job content and jobseeker intent. Candidates get matched to ideal jobs faster, and employers attract and convert higher quality candidates.

Decrease time to hire

Using ML, Talent Solution can interpret vague job descriptions and search queries. With confidence scoring based on broad categories and more specific occupation families, employers can reduce time to hire.

Free up product and engineering resources

Rather than having to build and test new features from scratch, Talent Solution provides updates as they’re released, keeping your resources focused elsewhere and lowering your cost to innovate.


Cloud Talent Solution in action

Key features

Talent acquisition made simple

Job search

Transform your job search experience, returning high-quality results to job seekers far beyond the limitations of typical keyword-based methods. Once integrated with your job content, our solution automatically detects and infers various kinds of data, such as related titles, seniority, and industry.

Commute search

Our commute search feature enables you to provide your users a personalized job search experience by desired commute time and mode of transit. Highlight jobs that fit your users’ commute criteria, creating a better candidate experience from your first touchpoint.

Job search for veterans

Our job search service now includes military occupational specialty code translation. Transitioning service members can enter their code (MOS, AFSC, NEC) directly into the search bar of any career site or job board powered by Talent Solution. As a result, they'll see the relevant civilian jobs available at that company or property.



Google Cloud Basics

Introduction to Cloud Talent Solution

Find out the fundamental concepts of Cloud Talent Solution.

Job search quickstart

Learn how to enable the API in the Google Cloud Console in order to begin using Cloud Talent Solution.

Implementing the job search API

Learn how to integrate Job Search with your existing job search solution.
Google Cloud Basics

Cloud Talent Solution documentation

Find quickstarts, how-to guides, and other resources here. 

Commute search

See how to implement the commute time filter to restrict returned jobs to those within a specified travel time from a start point. 

Video tutorial overview

Find the get started, technical, and configuration videos you need to get the most from Talent Solution.

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Pricing is based on 1,000 queries per month for search queries and 1,000 objects per month for job/company objects. Please contact sales if you have greater than 10 million search queries per month.

Job Search Queries
Price per 1,000
1–10,000 queries per month
10,001+ queries per month
Job/company Objects
Price per 1,000
1–10,000 objects stored per month
10,001+ objects stored per month

Cloud AI products comply with the Google Cloud SLA policies. They may offer different latency or availability guarantees from other Google Cloud services.

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