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Google Cloud for startups and tech companies

Grow your business and solve your toughest challenges with Google’s proven technology and multifaceted partnership.


Google Cloud is built for your modern architecture needs


Build faster with industry-leading containers

Easily build, deploy, and manage code changes with developer-loved Google Kubernetes Engine.

Simplify deployment with a serverless architecture

Get from container to production in seconds with Cloud Run, the fastest way to write, run, and manage your applications.

Accelerate the full DevOps workflow

Our built-in CI/CD, logging, and monitoring integrations offer startups an easier end-to-end developer and operator experience that bakes in quality and security.


Get insights faster with real-time analytics

Our multicloud data warehouse, BigQuery, helps startups innovate more quickly with real-time insights, zero operational overhead, and embedded machine learning.

Extract more value from your data

Use Looker to access the truest and most up-to-date version of your startup's data, across any cloud.

Increase innovation with machine learning

Use AutoML and BigQuery ML to learn more, innovate faster, and create magical user experiences, even without AI expertise.


Operate efficiently with small teams

SMBs surveyed by IDC saw a 41% increase in efficiency when using Google Cloud across their development, operations, and infrastructure.

Optimize spend with cost management tools

Cloud costs are often the second-highest line item for startups (after people). With the right tools and planning, you can manage and optimize these costs.

Instantly scale, reducing risk and over-payment

With Google Cloud, you can automatically scale up and down depending on traffic and growth, which reduces risk and eliminates paying for over-provisioned resources.

Get support to build, grow, and scale your startup

Get credits for two years, dedicated startup experts, business support, and more.
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