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    Import your data from various sources in minutes

    Unify dozens of sources like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Salesforce, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and social media sites. Use Matillion ETL for BigQuery to format and load your data twice as fast as doing it manually.
  • Get insights faster

    Run blazing-fast queries to get a holistic view of your marketing analytics and performance, highest-value customers, and more. And because BigQuery is fully-managed, you can eliminate the time-consuming work of provisioning infrastructure.
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    Analyze an unlimited amount of data

    As your business grows with more customers and data sources, BigQuery expands and flexes with you. It can adapt to different formats and scales dynamically. And you only pay for what you use.
  • Stay secure, stay compliant

    Protect your customer data and stay compliant with our multi-layered secured infrastructure. All your data is encrypted at rest by default, which adds a crucial layer of defense against hackers.
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Before using BigQuery, it was difficult to bring all our information together. But now practically every person in our online division has access to it. It’s very easy to analyze it all in just a few clicks.
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$300 free credit

for new customers
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  • 2X faster to extract, transform, and load your data with Matillion ETL vs. manual import
  • Seamless integration across dozens of popular data sources
  • Standard SQL (SQL 2011)
  • Real-time data refresh and analysis
  • On-demand pricing with cost controls

Frequently Asked Questions

After I’ve analyzed my data, how can I visualize the results?

Google Data Studio is fully integrated with BigQuery and you can use it to create customizable dashboards and reports that you can share with your team. Dashboarding allows you to use your data analytics to tell great stories and support better business decisions.

Can I import my data without Matillion ETL?

Yes. If you have technical expertise, you can import and transform your data on your own directly in BigQuery.

Who owns the data that I put into Google Cloud?

To put it simply, the data that companies, schools, and government agencies put into our systems are theirs. Whether it’s corporate intellectual property, personal information, or a homework assignment, Google does not own that data.

That means two key things:

  • We use your information for the purposes specified in your agreement, such as delivering you the data analytics service for which you pay. There are no ads in Google Cloud.
  • You have control over your data. We provide you with tools to delete and export your data so that you can take your data with you at any time, use external services in conjunction with G Suite, or stop using our services altogether.