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Leading your org’s digital transformation? Discover how 2,000 top companies maneuvered their way to success.

Drive innovation with Google Cloud smart analytics solutions

Google Cloud Smart Analytics Platform is a flexible, open, and secure analytics platform that provides the easiest path to becoming an intelligence-driven organization. It builds on Google’s decades of innovation in AI and building internet-scale services, and is based on the same proven and reliable technology principles that power Google’s services (e.g. Search, Gmail, Maps, YouTube). Organizations choose Google Cloud to build their data cloud for its ability to fuel data-driven transformation like no other solution on the market today.

Learn strategies from IT leaders

How does your digital transformation strategy stack up against those of global leaders? BCG surveyed the executive teams of 2,000 companies across 18 countries to discover what’s driving, and what’s holding back, digital innovation. Explore the transformation strategies of digital leaders and learn how your organization can become one.

Unlock big data. Reimagine your business.

Data Analytics Solution How Google Cloud helps you transform your business Key business use cases & patterns to get started
Data warehouse modernization
Get more from your data warehouse

Streamline your migration path and modernize from any on-premises or cloud data warehouse with BigQuery. Solve for today's most challenging demands and seamlessly scale your business with built-in AI and powerful multicloud capabilities.

Data lake modernization
Make the most of your data lake

Empower your teams to securely and cost-effectively ingest, store, and analyze large volumes of diverse, full-fidelity data. Use Dataproc for data lake modernization, ETL, and secure data science.

Streaming analytics
Extract business value from real-time data

Ingest, process, and analyze event streams in real time to make data more useful and accessible from the instant it’s generated. Dataflow unifies streaming and batch data analysis and builds cohesive data pipelines. Pub/Sub ingests hundreds of millions of events per second. Datastream replicates data from relational databases into BigQuery.

Business intelligence
Drive better outcomes through data-driven experiences

Develop a strategy to modernize BI and put data at the center of your business transformation with Looker and BigQuery.

Marketing analytics
Supercharge your marketing with actionable insights

Gain a more comprehensive picture of the customer journey, predict outcomes, and create personalized experiences. Move your marketing data from Google Marketing Platform to BigQuery, where you can analyze data and build predictive audiences. Build an interactive dashboard with Looker or Data Studio

Geospatial analytics & AI
Find the value in your location-based workloads

Rethink how geospatial relationships and insights can help you realize a more prosperous and sustainable future for your business with a uniquely powerful, full–platform solution built on category-leading Google products like BigQuery, Earth Engine, Google Maps Platform, and more.

Enhance your analytics and AI with pre-built datasets

Increase the value of your data assets when you augment your analytics or AI initiatives with external data in BigQuery Discover and access unique and valuable datasets and pre-built solutions from Google, public, or commercial providers. 

Data Analytics Solution

Inspired to take the next step? Let’s solve your data analytics challenges together.

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