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Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics platform empowers your business while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost. Gain real-time insights that improve your decision-making and accelerate innovation.

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Become data-driven: every company’s crucial and challenging transition

According to the 2019 Big Data and AI Executives Survey from NewVantage Partners, only 31% of firms identified themselves as being data-driven. Google Cloud dramatically simplifies analytics to help your business make the transition into a data-driven world, quickly and efficiently.

Leverage data in new ways to accelerate innovation

Easily scale your data and analytics

Our fully managed, serverless approach automatically takes care of performance, scalability, and availability requirements for your data analysis. With no infrastructure to manage, you can easily leverage products like BigQuery to analyze gigabytes to petabytes of data in minutes, not months. See why Forrester Research named Google Cloud a Leader in Data Management for Analytics.

Drive instant insights from your data

Stream analytics from Google Cloud lets you accelerate the pace at which you serve customers, interpret the market, and run your business—without changing your existing team or straining your budget. Google’s unified data analytics platform provides easy access to stream and batch processing, and Apache Beam provides pipeline portability for hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Empower analysts with predictive insights

Using simple SQL, built-in plug-and-play ML models, and automated workflows, data analysts can perform predictive analytics right out of the box and with high accuracy. You can even apply machine learning and advanced analytics at scale to data that’s already in your BigQuery data warehouse without having to duplicate and move it.

Secure your business and your data

Google Cloud helps you secure and govern your data across the entire life cycle. Data is automatically encrypted while in transit and at rest by default. Identity and Access Management (IAM) offers fine-grained identity and access management, Cloud Data Loss Prevention classifies and redacts sensitive data, and Data Catalog facilitates metadata management and data discovery.

Why Google Cloud

Unmatched scale

BigQuery separates storage and compute to enable elastic scaling and deliver rapid insights from petabytes of data.

Cloud-native, serverless

Serverless services built for the cloud take care of all resource provisioning. No more legacy approaches that require you to manage infrastructure.

Easy to use

Analyze your data your way with popular BI tools like Tableau, Looker, Qlik, or Google Sheets, or with simple ANSI SQL.

Unified stream analytics and batch processing

Transform and enrich your business and operational data in stream (real time) and batch (historical) with equal reliability and expressiveness.

Industry-leading AI and ML

Take advantage of Google’s two decades of innovation in machine learning and AI to add high-quality predictive insights to your applications.

Seamless open source integration

Google Cloud’s open architecture lets you run workloads on open source tools like Apache Hadoop and Spark, with higher performance and lower cost.


Data warehouse modernization

Modernize your legacy data warehouse and make informed business decisions quickly with BigQuery—a serverless, fully managed, and highly scalable data warehouse with built-in machine learning.

Data lake modernization

Store, process, and analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data in a more secure, cost-efficient, and agile way.

Stream analytics

Ingest, process, and analyze millions of events in real time.

Business intelligence

Democratize insights and unlock the value hidden in your data with Google and/or third-party BI tools.

Marketing analytics

Unify your marketing and sales data to better understand your customers, personalize the customer experience, and predict business outcomes.

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