Security analytics and operations

Rapidly investigate security threats

With Google Cloud’s solution, you can store and continuously analyze petabytes of security telemetry at a fixed price with minimal management overhead. Focus on investigations, not maintaining infrastructure.

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Story highlights

  • Pulls in “massive” amounts of info from security tools

  • Identifies the highest priority threats

  • Takes less time to address potential incidents

Key benefits

Painless scalability

Built on core Google infrastructure and managed by the experts who built many of the components that power global search, Chronicle gives you an elastic container for storing your enterprise security telemetry. Enjoy the benefits of massive scale without the management pain.

High-speed analytics

In just a few clicks, Chronicle can ingest massive amounts of telemetry data, normalize it, index it, correlate it to known threats, and make it available for analysis. This unheard-of speed, combined with UI responsiveness, transforms incident investigation and threat hunting into tasks analysts can complete in seconds instead of hours.

Intelligent identification

Our solution automatically makes connections between user and machine identities. This intelligent graph helps you see the whole picture, making it easy to see how an attack unfolded—and how to prevent the next one.

These unique security intelligence products work together to analyze data and provide insight at global scale.

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