Secrets management

Encrypt, store, manage, and audit infrastructure and application-level secrets.

Create and control access to secrets

Improve security with secrets management and principles of least privilege. Plus, you can encrypt, store, secure, and manage secrets on Google Cloud with the tools you already know.

Why GCP for secrets management

Protect your data with out-of-the-box encryption

Data on Google Cloud Platform is always encrypted at rest. You also have the option of choosing between Google-managed encryption keys, customer-managed encryption keys (CMEK), and customer-supplied encryption keys (CSEK) for many products.

Leverage the tools you already use

In addition to Secret Manager, Cloud KMS, and Cloud HSM, Google has a team of engineers dedicated to ensuring that third-party open-source security tools include GCP support. And with well-supported community tooling on GCP, DevOps or DevSecOps are easier to adopt.

Collaborate and share

Use Cloud IAM to share access to encryption keys, secrets, and more. Enable collaboration while practicing principles of least privilege. And leverage third-party tools to provision time-based access to GCP services like Cloud SQL, compute for contractors, or data pipelines.

Adopt multi-cloud

Turn Google Cloud into your control plane for secrets management and maintain access from other public and private clouds. Plus, share secrets across clouds and quickly revoke access if needed.

Build with built-in best practices

Our teams of security experts codify security best practices and recommendations, so you can spend less time deciding on cipher suites and more time building your applications and services.

Secrets management on Google Cloud


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