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Why Google Cloud for SAP

Be prepared for the future with intelligent insights, reduced risk, agile deployments, and sustainable operations.

Make smarter decisions with your SAP data with Google machine learning

Decrease your time to insights and data warehouse costs with SAP data in BigQuery

Google Cloud offers the right platform to build, deploy, and manage models that streamline SAP-based analytics outcomes. IDC found that customers who are leveraging BigQuery for SAP saw a dramatic decrease in the time to drive insights and reports while also substantially reducing data warehousing costs.


Faster completion of queries


Faster delivery of analytics reports


Lower 3-year cost of operations & data warehousing


3-year ROI on data warehousing investment

Building the industry's most efficient supply chain with SAP on Google Cloud

The Home Depot unlocks value from SAP data with BigQuery

To support their customer-first strategy of interconnected retail, The Home Depot chose to migrate SAP to Google Cloud. This move supports velocity and scale while enhancing the critical analytics capabilities the company needs for its bold digital initiatives, including building the industry’s most efficient supply chain.

Realize game-changing uptime improvements, cost savings, and productivity wins

SAP on Google Cloud frees businesses to work smarter, move faster, and do more with less compared to legacy systems. Recent reports by Forrester and IDC based on customer interviews also found that availability dramatically improves as well as staff productivity, all while driving an impressive return on investment.


Reduced productivity and revenue losses due to unplanned downtime


Less time to deploy new compute and storage


Lower 3-year cost of infrastructure operations


More efficient IT teams

Southwire reduces migration risk with the Google Cloud Acceleration Program

Southwire migrates SAP in 22 hours with zero impact on revenue

Wire and cable manufacturer Southwire migrated its SAP environment to Google Cloud over a weekend with only 16 hours of downtime. Now, after a year in production, Southwire is taking advantage of increased flexibility, scalability, and security while spending less time on routine infrastructure maintenance.

Partnering with SAP to drive digital transformation

Google Cloud recently announced an expanded partnership with SAP including being a strategic RISE with SAP partner. The two companies will partner to accelerate customers’ cloud migrations and business transformation across industry and key technology areas such as AI.

“We can deliver our 160 key business insights two or three orders of magnitude faster with BigQuery. Jobs such as marketing campaigns and month-end finance processes that used to take five to eight hours to complete now run in seconds.”

Dan Semmens, Head of Data and AI, ATB Financial
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Be prepared for the future with SAP on Google Cloud

Adopt innovation as a practice

Maximize the insights you derive from your SAP data with Google’s AI, ML and advanced analytics. Easily integrate AI/ML building blocks like vision, translation and text-to-speech while leveraging agile decision-making to automate processes, make intelligent predictions, and streamline operations. Extend SAP with the best of Google datasets and API management.

Unlock insights faster and meet shifting demand on the fly with BigQuery for SAP

Learn about high availability for SAP on Google Cloud

Reduce risk with granular security and high availability

Increase security and performance with Google’s premium global network, where your data isn't transferred over public networks and is encrypted by default both at rest and in transit. Support SAP applications with significantly reduced downtime with live migration allowing configuration changes without delay and continuous hardware maintenance without forced outage windows.

Simplify traditional and RISE deployments with agile infrastructure

Take advantage of migration assistance for both traditional and RISE deployments, defraying infrastructure costs and minimizing duplicate infrastructure costs during migration. Deploy OLTP and OLAP environments with the industry's largest VM sizes, which are also certified for custom VM configurations. Manage thousands of VMs effortlessly with VM Manager and balance storage cost and performance with Persistent Disk.

Rodan + Fields manages rapid growth and better matching IT resources with demand

Achieve sustainability with IT and by IT

Instantly reduce your IT emissions by moving SAP applications to our smart, efficient data centers. Leverage data-driven innovation by combining your data with Google data to eliminate guesswork, create new business models, and drive sustainability goals, including circular practices. Set goals based on seamless, agentless assessments and track your progress with Google Cloud tools, analytics and reporting capabilities

RISE with SAP on Google Cloud

Maximize your RISE with SAP deployment with Google Cloud. Take advantage of our CAP program migration incentives and secure and highly available infrastructure. Deploy models that streamline SAP-based analytics and AI/ML outcomes, all on the cleanest cloud in the industry. 

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“As a Premier Google Cloud Partner, Managecore empowers SAP customers to maximize their IT investments through migration automation and improved performance. This success has been proven by our many Google Cloud SAP customer deployments.”

Frank Powell, President, Managecore
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