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The latest integration: SAP ERP and Google Sheets

Gain additional insights and collaborate on your ERP data by importing it directly into Google Sheets, whether your SAP ERP is on-premises or in the cloud. Skip manually exporting data to CSVs and uploading them to Drive. Instead, export directly to Sheets to analyze your data with charts and pivot tables, and get answers with natural language queries.

Integrating SAP GUI and SAP ECC 6.0 with Google Sheets

The integration between SAP GUI and Google Sheets is achieved via Google Drive. Access to Google Drive is secured by using the OAuth 2.0 protocol, so before your SAP end-users can use the Google Sheets support, your SAP system administrator must perform a one-time set up to support OAuth authentication with Google Drive. The set up requires defining Google Drive as a web service in SAP and configuring BADI implementations and the SAP OAuth 2.0 Client to manage authentication with Google.

After access to Google Drive is set up, users can upload data to Google Drive by choosing the Google Sheets format when exporting their data to a spreadsheet. The first time users export to Google Sheets, they must sign in to Google. After they are signed in, they can return to the SAP GUI interface and export to Google Drive without further authentication.

The spreadsheet is exported to Google Drive as an Office Open XML file. Once in Google Drive, the spreadsheet can be accessed and edited directly through the Google Drive and Google Sheets interfaces by using any browser. In Google Drive, the data is stored permanently and can be accessed securely, shared with others, or downloaded in other formats.