Getting support for SAP on Google Cloud

Support for SAP systems and the Google Cloud infrastructure and services that the SAP systems use is subject to requirements that are defined in SAP Note 2456406 (An SAP user account is required).

When the support requirements are met, you can request help from either Cloud Customer Care or SAP Support, depending on where you think the cause of the problem is.

Customer Care plans for SAP

For support for the Google Cloud infrastructure and services that SAP systems use, you need a Customer Care plan that is accepted by SAP.

In the following list of accepted support plans, Enhanced Support and Premium Support are the only plans that are currently marketed:

  • Enhanced Support
  • Premium Support
  • Production Support Role (legacy)
  • Enterprise Support (legacy)
  • Platinum (legacy)
  • Gold (legacy)
  • Silver (legacy)

If you currently subscribe to one of the legacy offerings, consider transitioning to a current support plan. For more information, see Support offerings shutdown.

You can see your current support plan and find contact information for Customer Care on the Overview page in the Google Cloud Console.

For more information about Customer Care plans and terms of service, see: