Certifications for SAP applications on GCP

This page lists the SAP application solutions that are certified by SAP to run on Google Cloud. The page also lists the operating systems and Google Cloud infrastructure that SAP certifies for use with the SAP application solutions.

The certifications on this page do not apply to SAP HANA. For SAP HANA, see Certified SAP HANA configurations on GCP or the SAP HANA Hardware Directory.

The content of this page is for informational purposes only. The official source of certification information for SAP applications on Google Cloud is SAP Note 2456432.

Certified SAP applications on Google Cloud

The following table lists the SAP application solutions that are certified to run on Google Cloud, as well as the operating systems and the Compute Engine VM families that they are certified to run with.

For SAP application solutions that use SAP HANA, such as S/4HANA or BW/4HANA, the VM support requirements for SAP HANA apply if SAP HANA is installed on the same VM as the application system.

For a detailed list of the certified VM types, including their SAPS numbers, see the following section, Certified Compute Engine machine types.

For more information about the supported operating systems, see Operating system support for SAP NetWeaver on Google Cloud.

SAP solution Supported database options Supported operating systems Certified VM types
SAP NetWeaver AS, ABAP/Java
SAP S/4HANA (3-tier configuration)
SAP BW/4HANA (3-tier configuration)
SAP Business Suite
SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
SAP Landscape Transformation
    Replication Server (SLT)
SAP Solution Manager
SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite
SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)
SAP MaxDB, SAP liveCache, and SAP Content Server
Microsoft SQL Server
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (11, 12, and 15)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (6, 7)
Microsoft Windows Server (2012 R2, 2016, and 2019)
SAP Business One SAP HANA SLES 11 SP4 n1-highmem-32
Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Server Any Google Compute Engine instance that satisfies Business One hardware requirements
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Windows Server
Any Google Compute Engine instance that satisfies SAP Hybris minimum requirements

Certified Compute Engine machine types

You can use any of the following general-purpose, compute-optimized, or custom machine types for SAP NetWeaver workloads.

The SAPS numbers for each machine type in the following sections are calculated using the minimum CPU platform that SAP certifies the machine type to use. The numbers listed here are for general reference only. For the SAPS numbers that are formally certified by SAP, see SAP Note 2456432.

Predefined machine types have a fixed set of resources. To define your own machine type, see Custom machine types.

Before selecting a machine type for use, confirm that it is available in the region and zones that you need.

For more information about each Compute Engine machine type, including its regional and zonal availability, see Machine types.

Compute-optimized machine types

The compute-optimized c2-standard machine types that are certified for SAP applications are optimized for compute-intensive workloads. Compute-optimized machine types have a higher CPU thread speed, improved single threaded processing, and higher SAPS per core.

The c2-standard machine types offer the highest performance per core on Compute Engine. Built on Intel Cascade Lake, the latest generation Intel scalable processors, the c2-standard machine types offer up to 3.1 Ghz base frequency, and 3.8 Ghz all-core-turbo.

For more information, see C2 machine types.

Compute-optimized machines vCPUs Memory (GB) Minimum CPU platform SAPS
c2-standard-4 4 16 Intel Cascade Lake 5,189
c2-standard-8 8 32 Intel Cascade Lake 10,750
c2-standard-16 16 64 Intel Cascade Lake 20,770
c2-standard-30 30 120 Intel Cascade Lake 36,405
c2-standard-60 60 240 Intel Cascade Lake 70,683

General-purpose machine types

With a balance of vCPUs and memory, general-purpose machine types offer the best price-performance ratio for a variety of workloads.

Compute Engine offers the general-purpose machine types in both standard and high-memory configurations.

For more information, see General-purpose machine type family.

N2 general-purpose machine types

The N2 machine types are the second generation of the Compute Engine general-purpose machines. SAP-certified configurations of the n2-standard machines have 4 GB of memory per vCPU. The SAP-certified configurations of the n2-highmem machines have 8 GB of memory per vCPU.

N2 general-purpose machines vCPUs Memory (GB) Minimum CPU platform SAPS
n2-highmem machine types
n2-highmem-2 2 16 Intel Cascade Lake 2,230
n2-highmem-4 4 32 Intel Cascade Lake 5,150
n2-highmem-8 8 64 Intel Cascade Lake 10,130
n2-highmem-16 16 128 Intel Cascade Lake 19,370
n2-highmem-32 32 256 Intel Cascade Lake 35,580
n2-highmem-48 48 384 Intel Cascade Lake 54,680
n2-highmem-64 64 512 Intel Cascade Lake 70,520
n2-highmem-80 80 640 Intel Cascade Lake 82,250
n2-standard machine types
n2-standard-4 4 16 Intel Cascade Lake 4,730
n2-standard-8 8 32 Intel Cascade Lake 10,270
n2-standard-16 16 64 Intel Cascade Lake 19,320
n2-standard-32 32 128 Intel Cascade Lake 35,730
n2-standard-48 48 192 Intel Cascade Lake 52,980
n2-standard-64 64 256 Intel Cascade Lake 69,450
n2-standard-80 80 320 Intel Cascade Lake 81,870

N1 general-purpose machine types

The N1 machine types are the first generation of the general-purpose machine types. SAP-certified configurations of the n1-standard machines have 3.75 GB of memory per vCPU. The SAP-certified configurations of the n1-highmem machines have 6.5 GB of memory per vCPU.

N1 general-purpose machines vCPUs Memory (GB) Minimum CPU platform SAPS
n1-highmem machine types
n1-highmem-2 2 13 Intel Broadwell 1,290
n1-highmem-4 4 26 Intel Broadwell 3,580
n1-highmem-8 8 52 Intel Broadwell 7,550
n1-highmem-16 16 104 Intel Broadwell 14,670
n1-highmem-32 32 208 Intel Broadwell 27,920
n1-highmem-64 64 416 Intel Broadwell 51,372
n1-highmem-96 96 624 Intel Skylake 70,030
n1-standard machine types
n1-standard-8 8 30 Intel Broadwell 7,680
n1-standard-16 16 60 Intel Broadwell 14,620
n1-standard-32 32 120 Intel Broadwell 27,720
n1-standard-64 64 240 Intel Broadwell 50,230
n1-standard-96 96 360 Intel Skylake 68,650

Custom machine configurations

Custom machine configurations allow you to tailor the size of your Compute Engine VM to your workload.

When you configure a custom machine, to ensure support from SAP, you must conform to memory-to-vCPU ratios that are based on the machine type you are customizing and SAP guidelines.

For the first-generation N1 general-purpose machine types, you can configure your machine to have one vCPU or any even number of vCPUs up to 96, with either 3.75 or 6.5 GB of memory per vCPU.

Custom configurations of the second-generation N2 general-purpose machine types are not yet supported by SAP.

Custom machine types need to be evaluated by SAP before SAP will support them. Because the capacity (SAPS) of a custom machine configuration is not predetermined, SAP cannot guarantee that a configured custom machine will be suitable to run Business Suite workloads without first reviewing the configuration.

Open an SAP support ticket against SAP component BC-OP-LNX-GOOGLE or BC-OP-NT-GOOGLE to indicate your interest in a custom VM for an SAP deployment. The SAP/Google platform team will review your configuration to confirm it meets SAP supportability requirements.

For more information, see: