SAP on Google Cloud: Migration strategies

This document describes the most common migration strategies, use cases, and options you use when you move SAP systems to Google Cloud. Depending on requirements for the source and target systems, different scenarios apply and determine how you move or migrate the systems to Google Cloud. The document is intended for SAP technical architects.

The document is part of a series about working with SAP on Google Cloud, which includes the following:

In this document, you learn about the following four migration options:

  • Move (homogeneous migration). You move an application to the cloud but make no changes to the application or to the underlying databases.
  • Migrate (heterogeneous migration). As part of the migration, you change the operating system, the database, or both.
  • Transform. As part of the migration, you might change the underlying operating system and database, but you also make significant changes to the application.
  • Reimplement. You reimplement an application from scratch and migrate only relevant data from the source system to the target system.

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