SAP on Google Cloud: Backup strategies and solutions

This document provides an overview of how to back up SAP systems in Google Cloud. It is not intended to replace any standard SAP or relational database management system (RDBMS) documentation.

The document is part of a series about working with SAP on Google Cloud, which includes the following:

This document highlights the available options and our recommendations for backing up SAP systems in Google Cloud. A comparison is made between the available options with advantages, considerations, and the applicability of each option for productive and non-productive SAP environments. This document assumes that you already have an understanding of the concepts and practices that are required to implement backup for an SAP system.

Because each business has its own requirements for backup schedules and retention cycles, it is impossible to provide a single approach. These recommendations should be considered along with IT teams or implementation partners to ensure operational and technical consistency.

This document outlines the following:

  • Services for storage and backup of SAP systems in Google Cloud.
  • Comparison of backup strategies.
  • Automation of backup tasks.
  • Best practices.

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