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  • Capture digital and omnichannel revenue growth

Capture digital and omnichannel revenue growth

Retail customers expect a seamless, multichannel shopping journey as they discover and buy products. Google Cloud can bring agility into your organization, help you build connected customer experiences across channels, and drive business growth with a scalable, reliable, and flexible digital commerce platform.

Ecommerce migration

With the increasing influence of digital technology on your customers’ shopping journey, you need a high‐performing ecommerce platform. You can migrate your existing ecommerce platform as is from a customer data center or other cloud vendor and immediately unlock the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of Google Cloud.

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Story highlights

  • Running 5,400 applications on their new Kubernetes-based platform

  • Platform serving 100 million guests per month on website and apps

VM migration

Quickly move VMs to the cloud to avoid capital-intensive refresh cycles and realize immediate cost benefits.

Continuous integration

Build new features faster, with better productivity and quality.

Continuous delivery

High-velocity software releases with security and quality.

Ecommerce modernization

A flexible and agile ecommerce platform is crucial to enabling your teams to keep up with ever‐changing customer demands by quickly introducing new shopping features. Modernize your ecommerce platform on Google Cloud into a cloud‐native, containerized architecture that lets you transform the customer experience across channels.

FTD florist designing floral arrangement
Learn how FTD built a cloud-native architecture on Google Cloud to speed development for new ecommerce sites.

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  • 10x faster service deployment

  • Boosted holiday ecommerce conversion rates beyond expectations

  • Helped drive culture shift toward continuous delivery and DevOps

Modernize legacy applications

Modernize your legacy services for use alongside cloud‐native applications to deliver new experiences to your shoppers.

API management

Build connected experiences while managing your APIs with greater security, visibility, and control.

Database migration

Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services.

Customer experience extensions

Build on your agile, scalable, and flexible ecommerce platform on Google Cloud and offer a more engaging shopping experience that drives higher customer conversion and retention. Google Cloud offers advanced AI‐powered solutions including vision product search, Recommendations AI, and Search for Retail to power highly personalized and dynamic experiences for your customers.

Story highlights

  • Reduced services cost and increased revenue

  • Achieved 95% accuracy in finding the right products

  • Enabled team to deepen their focus on overall experience


Infuse your retail applications with image-based search capabilities to improve product discovery for your shoppers.

Build and use AI

Build and use artificial intelligence, regardless of your level of expertise or investment.

Recommendations AI

Deliver highly personalized product recommendations to customers.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday white-glove service

Peak shopping season is critical to the retail business when traffic spikes to levels unmatched during the rest of the year. Availability and scalability issues can cause millions of dollars in lost sales. Google Cloud provides a white‐glove experience to our retail customers with services including early capacity planning, architectural reviews, reliability testing, and operational war rooms.

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  • BFCM white-glove service includes early capacity planning, reliability testing, and operational war rooms

  • Shopify’s 2018 BFCM weekend sales totaled $1.5 Billion+, including $870k peak sales per minute and 10,978 peak orders per minute

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Customer reliability engineering

Learn more about how we approach customer reliability engineering at Google Cloud.

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