Omnichannel commerce

Provide seamless experiences across channels. Leverage our advanced ecommerce capabilities and AI-powered experiences to improve conversion rates and drive growth across your business.

Ecommerce migration

Migrate your existing ecommerce platform as is from a customer data center or other cloud vendor, immediately unlocking the flexibility, scalability, and reliability of Google Cloud.

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Story highlights

  • Improved website performance during peak traffic

  • Reduced infrastructure hosting costs by 40%

  • Streamlined its network from five clusters down to three data centers

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VM migration

Quickly move VMs to the cloud to avoid capital-intensive refresh cycles and realize immediate cost benefits.


Improve the entire application life cycle with fully integrated cloud services that work across on-premises and public clouds.

Ecommerce modernization

Modernize your ecommerce platform into a cloud-native, containerized architecture that gives you the ability to transform your customer experiences across channels.

FTD built a cloud-native architecture image
FTD built a cloud-native architecture on Google Cloud to speed development for new ecommerce sites.

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Story highlights

  • 10x faster service deployment

  • Boosted holiday ecommerce conversion rates beyond expectations

  • Helped drive culture shift toward continuous delivery and DevOps

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API management

Build connected experiences while managing your APIs with greater security, visibility, and control.

Database migration

Migrate and manage enterprise data with security, reliability, high availability, and fully managed data services.

Mobile apps and sites

Build scalable, globally available apps and websites to delight your customers.

Recommendations AI

Take advantage of our world-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to better understand your customers in order to offer them highly personalized product recommendations.

Image-based search for retail applications

Offer a more engaging shopping experience that drives higher customer conversion and retention by infusing your retail applications with our Vision Product Search capabilities.

Story highlights

  • Reduced services cost and increased revenue

  • Achieved 95% accuracy in finding the right products

  • Enabled team to deepen their focus on overall experience

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Artificial intelligence

Quickly and easily deploy artificial intelligence tools across your organization to personalize experiences and improve operations.

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Cloud Vision Product Search

Learn more about the product categories of focus and resources available for our powerful Vision API technology.