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Work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively

Google Workspace helps teams transform how they work with cloud-based applications like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, and Meet. Chrome Enterprise sets IT free to innovate with a modern OS, browser, and cloud-native devices. Comprehensive management tools and industry-leading security come standard.

Unnecessary or cancelledmeetings71%Excessive emails55%Busywork40%IT issues38%

85% of employees are often disengaged, costing trillions in lost productivity

Workers around the world lose critical time to mundane, repetitive tasks like inefficient meetings, legacy IT, and constant toggling between software applications. Google Workspace automates manual tasks so employees can focus on what matters—and gives back 21 days per user per year in time savings.

Source: Google

Transform the way teams work

Deliver results faster by working in parallel

With Google Workspace, you can edit documents or presentations at the same time, using any device, from anywhere in the world—even offline. Seamless integrations reduce time spent toggling between apps, and built-in AI helps automate repetitive tasks, such as suggesting ”Have a good weekend!” at the end of emails you send on Friday afternoon.

Make more informed decisions with built-in intelligence

Teams can work smarter with Google Workspace, which comes with Google’s industry-leading AI baked in. The Explore feature suggests charts and pivot tables in Sheets, or presentation layouts based on content in Slides. Cloud Search helps you find the content you need, wherever it lives. And Google Assistant integrations make it easy to manage your calendar, join meetings, and update your schedule while you’re on the go.

Create a more collaborative culture

The best ideas emerge when everyone contributes, no matter who or where they are. Google Workspace helps teams connect through powerful chat and video conferencing along with admin tools that offer access without sacrificing security. The result is meaningful transformation, not just incremental productivity gains.

Protect your business with Google-level security

Great security should be intelligent, proactive, adaptable, and easy to use. Google Workspace and Chrome are designed to deliver on these principles. We meet stringent privacy and security standards, blocking more than 99.9% of spam, phishing, and malware from reaching inboxes. Plus, there have been zero detected account hijackings after security key deployments.

Why Google Cloud

Built-in intelligence for faster insights

Teams move faster and work smarter with features like Smart Compose, which uses AI to help you write emails, and Explore, which quickly turns data into insights.

Tools to help you get things done

Use the power of Google Assistant and Cloud Search to get insights faster, find the content you need, and spend less time switching between applications.

World-class security that’s easy to manage

Run on Google’s global, secure-by-design infrastructure—with a single dashboard that makes it easy to manage authentication, asset protection, and operational control.

Robust partner ecosystem and product integrations

Google Cloud’s partner and developer ecosystems, and integrations with applications like Microsoft, Salesforce, and SAP, make it easy to build add-ons and custom workflows.

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Work transformation

Products like Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Meet help teams reimagine the way they work, how deeply they collaborate, and how much they can achieve.

Chrome Enterprise

An OS, a browser, and devices that work together to unlock your company’s potential and free IT to power your cloud workforce.

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