Monitoring cloud volumes

Monitoring key metrics for cloud volumes is integrated within Cloud Monitoring. The lag time for some metrics can be up to 20 minutes.

You can create a dashboard view in Cloud Monitoring, add charts by selecting the NetApp Cloud Volumes resource type, and choose the following available metrics. For the metrics you choose, add to the API metric name. That prefix, though required, does not appear in the following table.

Metric API metric name Description
Bytes read read_bytes_count I/O bytes from read operations by the user.
Bytes written write_bytes_count I/O bytes from write operations by the user.
Operations count operation_count Measure of operations count per second.
Volume IO operation latency.
request_latencies Measure of the volume’s responsiveness for I/O operation requests in milliseconds. This is latency at the storage level. It doesn't include network latency to the client.
Volume space allocation volume_size Measure of the provisioned size of the volume in bytes.
Volume space usage
volume_usage Measure of the actual space utilized by the volume in bytes.
Inodes allocation inode_allocation Number of file and directory inodes allocated for the volume.

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