MongoDB scales fast on Google Cloud Platform

As the fastest growing database for startups and leading organizations of all sizes, MongoDB has been downloaded over 8 million times and is relied upon by over 1/3rd of the Fortune 100. With its flexible JSON-based document model, idiomatic drivers, native replication and auto-sharding, MongoDB enables engineers to build and scale modern applications quickly and easily. Organizations can move from pilot to production in weeks, not months. With no upfront licensing or maintenance fees, MongoDB on Google Compute Engine is a cost effective solution compared with traditional database options.

Benefits of MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform:

  • High Performance & Availability

    Ensure optimal performance and uptime with MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform VMs and Persistent Disks.

  • Scalability

    Easily scale MongoDB as data grows with Google Compute Engine providing low cost VMs as needed for new shards.

  • Security

    Using MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform means your data is automatically encrypted at rest.

How to Get Started

Use MongoDB

Follow our tutorial to learn how to quickly deploy and configure a MongoDB cluster on Google Compute Engine. The tutorial leaves you with a running MongoDB cluster configured to your specifications while incorporating best practices.

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See how easy it is to deploy MongoDB

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Let our sales team help you determine the best way to begin using MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform.

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Work with a Partner

MomentumSI’s consultants are experts in MongoDB implementations and bring their experience to your problem.

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MongoDB Subscriptions

MongoDB Subscriptions help you reduce costs, accelerate time to market and mitigate risk through enterprise-grade capabilities, as well as proactive support, the Customer Success Program and a commercial license.

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Fully-managed MongoDB with MongoLab

MongoLab’s MongoDB-as-a-Service lets you focus on product development instead of operations. Complete with multi-zone data replication, backups, a rich set of web-based tools, and expert support, MongoLab makes it easy to manage, monitor and scale your MongoDB on Google Cloud Platform.

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Customers using MongoDB on Cloud Platform

Server Density

Server Density

“Running MongoDB on Google Compute Engine has significantly reduced our operational overhead. We can very quickly spin up new shards to scale writes and resyncing replica nodes is trivial due to the exceptional networking performance across the Google Compute Engine Zones. Using snapshots has simplified our backup and disaster recovery strategy and gives us brand new functionality, like being able to migrate workloads around the world. On top of that, general performance has improved going from an average of 10,000 ops/s with our old, bare metal SSD based environment, to an average of 480,000 ops/s on Google's Persistent Disks, all with no additional effort.”

David Mytton CEO, Server Density



“We've been extremely impressed with Google as an IaaS platform. The VMs spin up in seconds and can be migrated live. No other cloud provider can offer that right now. From our experience porting MongoLab’s fully-managed MongoDB service to Google, we are confident that Google is a great place for developers to host their MongoDB-backed applications.”

Will Shulman CEO & Co-founder, MongoLab