Modernize legacy applications

Extend legacy applications and modernize alongside new cloud services

Your enterprise faces a challenge: adapt faster to customer demands while minimizing business downtime. With Google Cloud you can meet that challenge by leveraging and modernizing your legacy services for use alongside cloud-native applications to deliver new experiences to your customers, partners, and employees.

Customer stories

Story highlights

  • 60% increase in customer interest in the pet insurance business

  • Reduced development time from two months to days

  • Reduced number of monolithic systems that require integration from six to one

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Deliver new experiences for customers

Package legacy applications with APIs to build new interfaces

Legacy applications and services hold critical data that can enable new mobile, web, and voice experiences for your customers. API facades offer a solution that can make that happen by connecting an intact monolith with new services without exposing the legacy back end directly.

Modernize customer interactions

Modernizing customer experiences often means re-architecting large portions of existing legacy applications. With Google Cloud, as you decompose your legacy applications, you can build new services that leverage cloud capabilities such as Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Anthos, and machine learning. These services are connected to each other and to on-premises applications with APIs.

APIManagementApplication 1MicroservicesApplication 2MonolithicApplication

Key benefits

Faster time to market

Leveraging existing legacy back ends to build new offerings drastically reduces the time it takes to bring those new services to market and into the hands of your customers. Here’s how Pitney Bowes cut design time by 70%.

Maintain service continuity

Application modernization can often come at the cost of business disruption. APIs ensure uptime and continuity by acting as a layer in between. LLBean, for instance, uses an API gateway to tie together services that power its website.

Security enforcement

The governance and security controls of an API management platform enable you to easily connect sensitive data without compromising your security and compliance needs. Here’s how Apigee delivers and protects modern customer experiences.

Build new cloud applications with Anthos, connect them with Apigee, and engage your customers with AI and ML.

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