Modern CI/CD with Anthos

Build, test, and deploy fast in any environment

Tools and expert guidance to help you build a secure, scalable, and automated CI/CD pipeline for your development team on-premises and in the cloud. Take a modernized approach to development and delivery with focuses on proactive issue prevention, open source technology, integration with your existing tooling, and a secure supply chain.

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Better software development and delivery

Expert guidance from Google Cloud

Modernizing your approaches to application configuration, continuous integration, policy management, and deployment automation sounds challenging, but it doesn't have to be with guidance created by experienced Kubernetes and cloud engineers.

Open and portable

Traditional software development and delivery often meant proprietary tools that can be expensive and immobile. Google Cloud's approach uses open source, making it vendor neutral and portable.

Region: EastRegion: CentralAnthos GKE ClusterDevelopment CentralAnthos GKE ClusterAnthos GKE ClusterAnthos GKE ClusterStaging CentralProd CentralProd EastAnthos Service MeshAnthos Config ManagementAnthos GKE ClusterTools SCM, CI, CDArtifact RegistryAnthos Service MeshAnthos Service Mesh4132Step 1: ACM is used to keep cluster state in sync and ensure all deployments adhere to org policies. Step 2: Development cluster is provisioned for developers to iterate on their applications with Skaffold. Step 3: Anthos Service Mesh is used to provide cross cluster service discovery and resilience.Step 4: Artifact Registry stores the container images built during CI. Step 5: Applications are deployed uniformly and consistently across all environments. Code is deployed to both production environments without any changes needed.App 2 Dev 2App 1 Dev 1App 2App 1App 2App 1App 2App 15555

Key benefits

Build, test, and deploy fast

Get new products and features to your customers faster by providing your development team a consistent platform and automated tooling that works across deployment environments. Create a fully managed pipeline that scales to handle plug-ins from non cloud-native tools, and is open source for portability.

Create reliable applications

Leverage opinionated guidance from Kubernetes experts to create modern application development and delivery pipelines. Embrace a shift-left mindset, providing tooling for developers to address stability issues before they reach production, limits impact of issues that do roll out, and are recoverable with automated tooling.

Develop securely

Enhance security posture with applications that are built with a verified software supply chain, policies that can be applied uniformly to all application destinations, and a development platform that allows for proactive vulnerability testing.

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