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Innovate faster and at scale when you migrate to Google Cloud.

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The openness and flexibility of Google Cloud empower you to build and evolve your technology on your terms. Our professional services organization and network of partners help you navigate your custom cloud journey — bringing your migration finish line into view.

Migrating to Google Cloud

Lift and shift

This approach works best if minimal architecture changes are required. Save time and money when you shift infrastructure and apps from on-premises virtual machines to VMs hosted in the cloud.

Application change

Google, as well as our network of partners, works with you to modernize your traditional, on-premises applications. You can re-platform or rearchitect your application as a set of microservices operating on Google Cloud.


Hybrid-friendly by design, Google Cloud can run infrastructure on-premises, while you leverage the security and scalability of the cloud. Plan, build, and manage reliable applications across on-premises data centers, private-hosted servers, or multi-cloud environments.

partners & services

Cloud Sprint

Led by Google Cloud experts, our hands-on workshop establishes your GCP infrastructure, so you can learn to migrate an application in one week.

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Global partner support

Innovate faster with help from our partner network, including migration support from SAP and VMWare for your mission-critical business applications.

migration products

Data transfer

Move your data to GCP with a family of services like BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and Data Transfer Appliance — all designed to get you up and running in the cloud fast.

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VM migration

Shift your enterprise workloads from on-prem or other clouds to Google Cloud using Google's Velostrata cloud migration solution.

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Our customers


The bath and beauty giant migrated 17 e-commerce sites in 22 days with the help of Google Cloud and its partners.


Performance and reliability soared when a website operations and hosting company migrated 200,000 websites to GCP.


With the help of a Google Cloud partner, a note-keeping app migrated five billion user notes to GCP in 70 days.

Building a safer cloud

Google Cloud’s security model, world-scale infrastructure, and unique capability to innovate helps keep your organization more secure to meet your compliance needs. To earn your trust, we regularly undergo independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls to help you meet your regulatory and policy objectives.

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Explore resources including whitepapers, docs, videos, and tutorials specific to cloud migration.

Lift and shift a line of business application onto GCP

Learn about Transfer Appliance

Migrate on-premises Hadoop infrastructure

Migrate a MySQL cluster to Compute Engine using HAProxy

Take the cloud-native approach with microservices

Migrate data & workloads to the cloud

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