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Power mission-critical media workloads on Google’s global infrastructure

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Creativity, Not Infrastructure
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) levels the playing field, providing creative professionals with the computational power and global reach of Google’s infrastructure — resources previously available only to the largest broadcast and media companies. From content ingestion and creation, graphics rendering, storage & archival, to video encoding, clip editing and distribution for live streaming, focus on creating great content rather than infrastructure.
Media Archival & Disaster Recovery
High definition images and 4K-and-higher video are causing an explosion in storage and bandwidth requirements. GCP was built for this scale: store media cheaply and indefinitely, using either Google Cloud Storage or our industry-defining archival product Cloud Storage Nearline, which lets you retrieve data with sub-second average response times and 1 cent per GB/month pricing.
Cloud Networking for Media
Speed is a feature, and latency is key in today’s media-driven Internet. Google operates its own private fiber network that spans the globe with points of presence (PoPs) at over 100 interconnection facilities across 33 countries. Learn how you can connect your place to ours using Cloud Interconnect, which privately connects your on-prem network to Google enabling lower latency, higher reliability and improved security.
Cloud Economics & Google-Grade Security
Convert underutilized capital expenditure to pay-as-you-go operating expenditure that reflects your actual IT usage. Shift your talent to differentiating activities like content creation and creative refinement, taking advantage of Google’s unique pricing advantages and philosophy. Check out the resources section for materials around media security, or learn how Google is making security a key reason to adopt its Cloud Platform.

“The biggest benefit of working with Google is the breadth of the network... (the network) makes it easy for us to make high-quality connections into the Google network with our customers’ live video streams.”

Mark VanAntwerp, iStreamPlanet’s vice president for software engineering
Reference Architecture
Architecture diagrams to help you get your media workloads up and running
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