Distribute content to top publishers, premium and social destinations.

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Get Your Content Out When it Matters the Most – in Near Real-Time.
Syndicate your video content to over 80 destinations, including Comcast, Netflix, iTunes and Hulu, as well as social destinations like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
Premium Syndication Destinations
As your content is viewed on a growing number of screens and platforms, Anvato makes it easy to syndicate your content to traditional cable audiences, social audiences as well as OTT platforms like Netflix, Roku and Hulu. Anvato’s video supply chain and a web browser are all you need to manage all of your syndication requirements.
Social Media Destinations
Anvato’s powerful social syndication tools enable you to leverage core video processing capabilities of various social media networks. Viewers can watch clips from live events while they’re in progress, and enjoy impeccable playback, autoplay on scroll and all native features provided by your social destinations.
Set Rules As Needed
Data, rules, and access logic may drive how your content is accessed and delivered. Set up your destination rules – sunrise/sunset days/times, geo-restrictions, monetization guidelines, etc – and you’re ready to share.
Syndicate Content
Whether programmatically or on a case-by-case basis, share your content with your social audiences to maximize your content’s exposure. Key technical collaborations enable you to make optimal use of their video engines while placing your content directly in front of online social audiences.
Social Analytics
Monitor content with powerful analytics tools that provide insight into which content is being viewed the most in one particular geography, which sites and networks are referring more viewers, which clips are making you the most ad revenue, and more. Tap into the data to fine-tune your content and distribution strategy.
Syndication Features
Metadata Validation and Content Transcoding
Drastically Reduce Touch Points and Human Interaction
Pull and Push Secure Delivery
Syndicator Profile Management
Paid Syndicator Support
integrated Content Access Rule Engine
Different Metatags For Internal/Syndication Partners to Optimize Views