Cloud Editing

Easily cut, edit and syndicate clips to all screens and platforms from your live and on demand content

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Create clips and syndicate in minutes
Breaking news, sports highlights, and any other clips you want to get in front of your audience are easily cut, concatenated and delivered to viewers all from your web browser. Anvato’s Cloud Editor cuts frame-accurate snippets and provides professional features such as cross fades, custom thumbnails and easy extraction of closed captions and more.
Innovative, Hybrid-Cloud Approach
Our unique approach combines the ease of cloud editing with the HD quality of on-premises video capture. This enables editors to cut and edit content from anywhere using a web browser and an internet connection. Live linear capture occurs at the broadcast facility to help ensure clips maintain broadcast quality and high definition.
Dependability and Top Quality
Creating, editing and syndicating clips using the Anvato platform helps protect against CDN and cloud errors, as well as network glitches. Remarkable 1080p HD clip quality with frame accurate edits makes the Cloud Editor a great choice for high-end users who demand reliability, accessibility and top-notch video quality.
Edit Content From Anywhere, Anytime
Immediately after your content goes over the air, your source content becomes available for editing in the cloud. This helps ensure that your most important content is syndicated to your set destinations in near real-time.
Custom Branding and Advanced Syndication
As soon as a clip has been created using the cloud editor, it’s ready for transcoding to multiple renditions as well as syndication to all destinations. This provides additional workflow benefits such as the automated adding of motion bumpers, trailers and custom logo overlays.