Personalized audience experiences

Optimize your customer acquisition, engagement, and retention by utilizing Google Cloud to gain a 360-degree view of your audience.

Audience acquisition

Consolidate your diverse datasets and help your marketers understand how to segment, understand, and acquire new high-value customers.

Story highlights

  • Google AI-powered tools identify new audiences

  • Influenced successful marketing strategies, including driving The Greatest Showman to a $434M box office haul

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Marketing analytics

Deliver richer, smarter experiences for your customers.

Build a marketing data warehouse

Learn how to consolidate your marketing data, including relevant Google datasets, to better understand customer engagement, drive lifetime value, and enable deeper marketing insights.

Optimize ad creatives using machine learning

Use cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to better understand which images, videos, and ads resonate with your customers.

Predicting customer lifetime value with AI Platform

As subscriptions become a more important part of your revenue streams, use AI to predict which customers will drive value for your new service in the long term.

Content recommendations

Utilize predictive insights and data to better understand and recommend content that keeps your audiences, listeners, and readers engaged.

Story highlights

  • Increased customer engagement by up to 14%

  • Content recommendations across text, image, and video use cases

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Smart analytics

Generate insights from data with a complete suite of analytics and machine learning tools. Google Cloud’s fully managed serverless analytics empowers your business while eliminating constraints of scale, performance, and cost.

Streaming analytics

Analyze the vast amounts of data generated by your content streaming platform in real time and quickly mitigate quality of service issues to provide a great customer experience.

Story highlights

  • Scaled to support 1M live viewers for the World Cup semifinals

  • Provides alerts on live online viewing issues within 120 seconds instead of ten minutes

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Stream analytics

Google Cloud’s streaming solution reduces complexity by provisioning the exact resources needed to ingest, process, and analyze fluctuating volumes of real-time data.

Customer service

Create stronger customer relationships with more personalized, intuitive customer care.

Story highlights

  • Provides customer support for Hulu’s growing 25M subscriber base

  • Supports human agents with additional information

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Contact Center AI

Contact Center AI combines the best of Google AI with popular contact center software to improve both contact centers’ customer experience and their operational efficiency.