Global content delivery

Quickly launch new services and products to a global audience by working smarter and modernizing your infrastructure.

Video distribution

Deliver high-quality, low-latency video experiences using Google Cloud’s storage, networking, and compute infrastructure to delight audiences around the world.

Story highlights

  • Supporting 100% year-over-year subscriber growth

  • Launched new features such as 4K HDR

Understanding Google’s network tiers

With Google Cloud’s Premium Tier network, your content stays on Google’s backhaul for as long as possible, minimizing hot-potato hops out to the public internet.

Best practice
Caching content with Google Cloud

Learn about best practices for caching content at the edges of Google’s network, enabling faster delivery of content to your audience while reducing serving costs.

Video processing

Utilize Google Cloud’s infrastructure with partner solutions to process, transcode, and encode live and on demand video assets, quickly and securely.

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Story highlights

  • Transcoded 5K+ videos to HD within tight deadlines

  • The hybrid transcoder processed the entire archive in one week instead of months

High performance computing

Quickly process videos using our high-performance, scalable, on-demand hardware.

Anthos hybrid and multi-cloud

Anthos is an open application modernization platform that enables consistency between on-premises and cloud environments. Modernize your existing workloads such as encoding, and run them anywhere.

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