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Electrical & Electronics

Decrease defects across the assembly line

Electronics and semiconductor manufacturers leverage Google Cloud technology to accelerate R&D and optimize the assembly line. We partner with eSilicon to accelerate their chip design process by allowing them to scale seamlessly on resource-intensive steps. LG CNS chose Google Cloud Edge IoT Core to run ML models for defect detection, reducing costs and increasing throughput.

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Discrete & Process Manufacturing

Accelerate the Smart Factory

Global manufacturers like Siemens, Airbus, Sandvik, and many others are leveraging Google Cloud technologies in areas like connected products, intelligent supply chain, predictive maintenance, and workforce transformation to increase efficiency and drive growth.

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Digitally transform your entire value chain

Cloud technologies fuel transformation in every aspect of the automotive value chain, from powering autonomous driving research and development to enabling customer centricity. We are partnering with companies like GM Cruise and GoJek to shape the future of mobility in the cloud.

Manufacturing value chain

From procurement to sales and services, manufacturers face challenges in all areas of the product life cycle. Google Cloud solutions help manufacturers modernize systems, make smarter decisions, and create new business models.


With Google Cloud and Elastifile, eSilicon built a platform that improves its semiconductor design abilities and provides cost-effective scalability, helping to deliver better solutions to customers.

Engineering typically focuses on hardware, but there are so many areas where software is ready to make a real difference in the way people work. Together with our world-class manufacturing experts and in partnership with Google Cloud, we're already reshaping a traditional industry.

Joakim Ahrlin, Director of Engineering, Sandvik CODE


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