Mainframe modernization

Reduce costs and increase profits by modernizing and migrating your mainframe applications to Google Cloud using automated code refactoring tools and prescriptive guidance.


Move on from proprietary mainframes and innovate with cloud-native services

Gain operational efficiency

Escape capital-intensive mainframe refresh cycle. Move to a modern cloud-based model to reduce operational cost and improve maintainability.

Deliver agile services

Evolve software capabilities for faster and frequent updates. Use cloud-native technologies such as GKE alongside your on-premises workloads and accelerate time to market.

Mitigate risk and get access to talent

Eliminate the dependency on scarce skills. Gain access to top engineering talent and avoid vendor lock-in by modernizing to open software languages.

Key features

Why you should modernize and move your mainframe applications to Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides a viable path to move apps from proprietary mainframe ecosystems to open software languages and deploy to cloud-native services.

Automated code refactoring tool

Uncovers the fine-detailed view of your mainframe applications, their composition, and their interrelationships upon which they were built, using advanced application discovery and insight capabilities.

Choice of VMs or containers

Move existing workloads previously locked-in to the mainframe environment to your choice of compute, using Google Cloud services such as Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine.

Prescriptive guidance from experts

Get access to Google Cloud consultants, familiarize yourself with required deployment activities, and understand steps for the mainframe workload migrations.

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