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Mainframe modernization

Foster innovation, increase agility, and reduce operational costs by modernizing your mainframe and other legacy applications and data to Google Cloud using automation, industry expertise, and a rich partner ecosystem.


Move on from proprietary mainframes and innovate with cloud-native services

Gain operational and analytical efficiency

Escape capital-intensive mainframe refresh cycle. Move to a modern cloud-based model to reduce operational cost and improve maintainability.

Gain new insights from mainframe data by moving it to Google Cloud.

Deliver agile services

Evolve software capabilities for faster and frequent business updates. Use technologies such as GKE and DevOps toolchains alongside your on-premises workloads to accelerate time to market.

Mitigate risk and gain flexibility

Eliminate dependency on scarce skills. Gain access to top engineering talent and avoid vendor lock-in by modernizing to open software. Use Google's G4 technology to automate app discovery and code conversion.

Key features

Why you should modernize and move your mainframe applications to Google Cloud

Google's tools, experience, industry expertise, and partners will make your move easy from many mainframe technologies, including IBM Z™ and IBM I™.

Business-led approach

Google's experienced team will work with you to understand the most appropriate modernization approach to your business applications. We will perform application and technology assessments to determine if the application(s) are best suited to be refactored into a modern language, emulated without change, rewritten, or retired. Google will leverage our unique tooling, G4, where appropriate. 

Choice of technology

Move existing workloads previously locked in to the mainframe environment to your choice of compute, using services such as Compute Engine and Google Kubernetes Engine.

Leverage Google Cloud products to provide additional value to your apps, such as BigQuery for running complex analytics. Add Cyber Resiliency capabilities from Actifio, now part of Google Cloud.

Expert guidance and world-class automated tooling

Google Cloud consultants will advise and design the future cloud architecture, dependencies, and steps for mainframe workload migrations.

Uncover the fine-detailed view of your mainframe applications, their composition, and their interrelationships using our advanced application discovery and conversion software, G4.

Google is proud to be recognized as a Leader in ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant 2022

ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant

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Google named Leader in 2022 ISG Provider Lens™ Quadrant Report for software

Google's G4 mainframe code conversion software has been recognized for two years running as leading in the field of mainframe modernization software.


Google Cloud welcomes these customers who have fully migrated from the mainframe

Google and our partners are working with a large number of clients to move their mainframe applications to Google Cloud. Whilst most projects are in progress, these have completed.



Our large ecosystem of trusted industry partners with specialist mainframe skills and technology complement our own to address legacy software and systems.