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Google Cloud IoT solutions

Unlock insights from your global device network with an intelligent IoT platform whose scalable, fully managed integration lets you connect, store, and analyze data at the edge and in the cloud.
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Accelerate business agility with IoT data from your physical devices

Boost intelligence from edge to cloud

Google Cloud IoT services gather real-time insights, at the edge or in the cloud. Do ad hoc analysis with BigQuery, advanced analytics and ML with Vertex AI, and visualize results in Google Data Studio.

Improve operational efficiency

Learn how well your devices can work with a platform that supports numerous operating systems, works seamlessly with Debian Linux OS, and offers out-of-box support for leading brands like Intel and Microchip.

Add location intelligence to your IoT data

Whether your IoT assets are indoors, in remote areas, or spread across hundreds of cities, Google Maps Platform can help you visualize their location in real time, where they travel, and how often they moved.

Key features

IoT is helping businesses gain new revenue and new intelligence

Tools for all your IoT applications

From ingestion to intelligence, you can take advantage of Google Cloud’s wide range of IoT building blocks to derive value from your device data. 

tool for iot applications

Predictive maintenance

Google Cloud’s IoT platform lets you automatically predict when equipment needs maintenance and optimize its performance in real time while predicting downtime, detecting anomalies, and tracking device status, state, and location.

Real-time asset tracking

Track valuable assets in real time and perform complex analytics and machine learning on the data you collect in order to deliver actionable business insights.

Logistics and supply chain management

Perform fleet management, inventory tracking, cargo integrity monitoring, and other business-critical functions with Google Cloud IoT’s logistics solution.

Smart cities and buildings

Bring new levels of intelligence and automation to entire homes, buildings, or cities by building a comprehensive solution that spans billions of sensors and edge devices.

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How our customers are using Google Cloud IoT

Get started with our ecosystem of partners

Our partners have built hardware, software, and innovative solutions that seamlessly connect the world of devices to Google Cloud.


Explore technical documentation for IoT

Technical overview of Internet of Things

This guide explains the elements you can combine with Google Cloud to build a robust, maintainable, end-to-end IoT solution on Google Cloud.

Google Cloud Basics
IoT data ingestion

Google Cloud provides different ingestion services, depending on whether the data is telemetry or operational information about the devices and IoT infrastructure.

Pipeline processing tasks for IoT data

This guide explains the elements you can combine with Google Cloud to build a robust, maintainable, end-to-end IoT solution on our platform.

Time Series dashboards with Bigtable

Cloud Bigtable provides a low-latency and high-throughput database for NoSQL data.

Google Cloud Basics
Securing cloud-linked devices with Cloud IoT and Microchip

Review of strategies for maintaining the security of your products, devices, and live code.