Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Create streams of insight by extending your infrastructure to the physical world

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Streaming Insights

Events of interest fire off continuously in the physical world, and data that is material to decision making can’t always wait for offline analysis. Internet-equipped sensors on any physical item imaginable make it possible to ingest data continuously into the cloud, directly from the source at massive scale. Learn why Cloud Platform is the best place to build IoT initiatives, taking advantage of Google’s heritage of web-scale processing, analytics, and machine intelligence.

Tap into the World

New types of device technology along with ubiquitous networking makes it easy and economical to mine information from any physical item and place. This untapped pool of data gives organizations visibility into parts of their operations previously considered “offline”. Combined with real-time processing and predictive analytics, an IoT capability profoundly changes monitoring and management practices by enabling proactive resolution in response to real-time events, and ultimately, predictive capabilities.

From Small to Big (Data)

Each sensor-equipped device may be small and yields only incremental insight. Multiply this by hundreds, thousands, or millions of sensors all ingesting data to the cloud, and the collective stream presents as a big data problem. Cloud Pub/Sub makes real-time, reliable processing of IoT data easy, and our storage products persist all your data efficiently and economically. IoT on Cloud Platform lets you incorporate extremely fast queries into your business and operating environment, without managing any infrastructure.

Real-Time, Actionable Insight

From a ride-sharing car blipping toward a user on her mobile device, to sensors tracking the location of buses and trains, users no longer tolerate stale information. Using Cloud Platform as the base of your IoT capability, the expectation of real time is built-in: stream and transform data as it arrives with Cloud Dataflow, a unified programming model for both batch and streaming data sources. Take immediate action based on complex events, triggers, and thresholds you define, and instantly query vast volumes of real-time and historical data in BigQuery.

Google-Grade Security

Whether device-to-cloud or cloud-to-device, security is a first-class concern as IoT is increasingly used to support business-critical operations. All Cloud Platform APIs are secure by default with full encryption, backed by integrated and pervasive security across the entire infrastructure. Cloud IAM can ensure devices have access only to resources you explicitly designate.

Global Fiber Network

Google’s operates its own private fiber network that spans the globe with over 70 points of presence across 33 countries, ensuring data to and from your devices gets delivered at ultra-low latency. Reliability and security are enhanced because your IoT data avoids having to travel the public Internet through the majority of its time in transit. Google’s global network ensures that millions of devices and sensors distributed worldwide can deliver raw data efficiently so your organization can tap operational insight continuously with no disruption.


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