Google Cloud IoT

Unlock business insights from your global device network with an intelligent IoT platform.

Platform for intelligent IoT services

Google Cloud IoT is a complete set of tools to connect, process, store, and analyze data both at the edge and in the cloud. The platform consists of scalable, fully-managed cloud services; an integrated software stack for edge/on-premises computing with machine learning capabilities for all your IoT needs.

Accelerate business agility and decision making with IoT data

Gain real-time business insights from globally dispersed devices, at the edge or in the cloud, with comprehensive services from Google Cloud IoT. Device data captured by Cloud IoT Core gets published to Cloud Pub/Sub for downstream analytics. Easily do ad hoc analysis using Google BigQuery or run advanced analytics and apply machine learning with Cloud Machine Learning Engine. Plus, you can visualize results with rich reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio.

Improve operational efficiency

Discover how efficiently your devices operate, manage global assets, and carry out firmware updates on Google Cloud IoT platform. The platform supports a wide variety of embedded operating systems, works seamlessly with Debian Linux OS, and provides out-of-the-box support for devices from leading manufacturers like Intel and Microchip. Plus, trigger automatic changes based on real-time events using Cloud Functions workflows.

Enhance your IoT solution with location intelligence

Make your business location-aware with the power of Google Maps. Visualize where assets are located in real time, where they’ve traveled, and how often they’ve moved. Whether your IoT assets are indoors, in remote areas, or distributed across hundreds of cities, track them with precision.

Reference architecture

IOT reference architecture

We have been able to connect our large fleet of factory machines to Google Cloud and quickly build a smart factory platform that provides a real-time view of our machine utilization and production efficiency.

Willem Sundblad, CEO & Co-Founder, Oden Technologies

Use cases

Predictive maintenance

Automatically predict when equipment needs maintenance; optimize equipment performance in real time; predict downtime; detect anomalies; and track device status, state, and location.

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Real-time asset tracking

Track valuable assets in real time, perform complex analytics and machine learning on the data collected, and display the status of your business to deliver actionable insights.

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Logistics & supply chain management

Perform fleet management, inventory tracking, cargo integrity monitoring, and other business-critical functions with Google Cloud IoT’s logistics solution.

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Smart Cities & Buildings

Build a comprehensive solution that spans across billions of sensors and edge devices, and bring a new level of intelligence and automation to entire homes, buildings, or cities.

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