Infrastructure as code

Automate repeatable tasks like provisioning, configuration, and deployments for one machine or millions.

DevOps Infrastructure

Treat infrastructure like software

Decrease costs, reduce risks, and deploy faster by capturing infrastructure as code. Provision and manage resources on Google Cloud with the tools you already know.

Why GCP for IaC?

Provision and configure entire environments

Build repeatable environments complete with infrastructure, networking, load balancing, and Cloud IAM using simple configuration files and commands. Reduce costs by building consistent ephemeral environments for staging, tests, or QA while ensuring parity with production. Adopt DevOps by collaborating on changes and leveraging elastic infrastructure.

Leverage the tools you already use

In addition to our own Cloud Deployment Manager (DM), Google has a team of engineers dedicated to ensuring that GCP support is available in third-party, open source tools. There’s no need for complex DevOps initiatives or learning new technologies, freeing you up to focus on long-term goals.

Enjoy a consistent experience

Enjoy a consistent experience across clouds and on premises. Our partnerships and support for popular open source tooling reduce start times and cognitive overhead by leveraging familiar tools and technologies. This consistency enables rapid adoption of cloud technologies for lift-and-shift, move-and-improve, hybrid cloud, and multi-cloud deployments.

Manage one machine or one million

Experience the benefits of infrastructure as code whether you’re managing one machine or one million. Easily manage dependent resources like networks, storage, databases, users, and permissions. Infrastructure as code scales to any size organization and any number of infrastructure resources.

Engage teams with collaboration

Capture infrastructure and configuration as code to leverage the benefits of traditional application development and operations resources. Plus, IaC is one of the best ways to encourage collaboration between developers and operators. Easily participate in team code reviews, build CI/CD pipelines, and have a complete history of changes by capturing your infrastructure as code. Quickly roll back bad infrastructure changes or build new environments for disaster recovery.

Works with your workflows

IaC allows you to easily create, update, or delete resources across Google Cloud Platform without drastic changes to existing workflows. With a common language in place, organizational barriers come down and productivity goes up. Plus, IaC ensures a consistent experience for every role.

IaC tools for Google Cloud


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