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Hybrid and multicloud application platform

Transform your enterprise application with Anthos, our application modernization platform. Anthos gives you a consistent platform across all your deployments. Schedule an assessment to start your modernization journey.
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Transform enterprise applications and upgrade your tech stack

Build or modernize apps anywhere

For organizations reacting to changing market conditions, Anthos empowers you to quickly build new applications and modernize existing apps that give you the increased agility and the benefits of the cloud.

Deliver new app features faster

Anthos automates the everyday tasks of managing the platform so your organization can iterate and get new features to customers faster using the latest cloud-native technologies from Google Cloud.

Protect apps and customer data

Anthos reduces security vulnerabilities by implementing guardrails and defense-in-depth security strategies while adhering to your organization’s governance and compliance requirements. 

See Google Cloud’s hybrid and multicloud application, Anthos, in action in this overview video.


We’re expanding our integrations with these partners, adding to our partner list, and continuing to invest in open source to make building on Google Cloud more flexible and open.

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