Population health

Using cloud tools to gain greater understanding of the health of entire populations can lead to insights that improve health outcomes for individual patients.

Modern application development

Empower caregivers to securely access health data and population insights and provide patients with personalized mobile and web applications.

Chilean ministry of health transforming health sector
Chilean Ministry of Health: Transforming Chile’s health sector with a national API-based architecture to help bring better health to millions.

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  • Simplified health record access, allowing better diagnoses

  • Saved millions in operating costs by using Apigee platform

  • Opened future development to other national records systems

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Modernize legacy applications

Providers are exploring ways to monitor health across entire communities. By facilitating connection of medical records, Google Cloud’s API platform helps them gather the insights that fuel this research.

Health plan analytics and insights

Enable providers to identify and prioritize members for health programs based on their clinical risk by harmonizing data from in- and out-of-network sources.

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Story highlights

  • Helped reduce patient care costs by up to $2,000

  • 10x return on care management investment for payers and providers

  • Enabled rapid development and deployment of machine learning into clinical practice