Patient value

Google Cloud, along with our partners, provides customers with secure and compliance-focused technologies that can help you personalize your patients’ medical treatment by integrating data from multiple sources.

Regulated IoT platform

This leading regulated digital health platform helps biopharma and medtech organizations improve patient adherence and engagement by drawing integrated data and actionable insights from drugs, devices, and software.

Brightinsight solutions
BrightInsight solutions help optimize regulated drugs, devices, and software via integrated data and actionable insights.

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Story highlights

  • Accelerated time to market by six months to two years

  • Reduced complexity of APIs offered through BrightInsight microservices

  • IoT platform meets security, privacy, quality, and regulatory compliance requirements

Modernize patient-facing applications

Modernize patient-facing applications for clinical trials and research studies resulting in more efficient information gathering, a better patient and administrator experience, and ensuring patient data is kept safe and secure.

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Story highlights

  • 18K+ women have joined the WISDOM Study

  • Provided secure, efficient way to store and share mammogram data

  • Improved study recruitment and retention

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Modernize legacy applications

Google Cloud empowers healthcare and life sciences organizations to quickly build and deliver modern applications and other connected experiences to their customers, partners, and employees.