Optimize manufacturing

Google Cloud's powerful analytics and machine learning capabilities can help life sciences manufacturing teams abstract data into a single repository, apply analytics, improve quality control, optimize the supply chain, and predict maintenance needs.

Industrial automation

Use machine learning to automate the manual quality assurance function by increasing speed and throughput, raising certainty levels, and enabling higher levels of quality control at lower costs.

Kewpie makes safer products
Kewpie Corporation: How AI can help make safer baby food and other products.

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Story highlights

  • Identified defective ingredients with near-perfect accuracy

  • Added both speed and precision to food inspection

  • Enabled factories to process more food and boost production

Manufacturing analytics

Collect and analyze real-time data to make your manufacturing processes more efficient and flexible by integrating technologies such as IoT sensors.

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Story highlights

  • Increased profitability and decreased waste with data analysis

  • Reduced virtual machine (VM) instances by 44%

  • Reduced costs by 30% compared to their prior cloud provider

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Data warehouse modernization

Streamline your manufacturing data warehouse modernization path with a comprehensive migration offer, easy-to-use tools, and partners that manage your complete migration so you can get started with ease.