Healthcare research

Accelerate research by using our analytics tools to discover previously undetected patterns in healthcare data.

Biomedical computing

Advance medical research by analyzing raw genomic data and translating your discoveries into new protocols for patient care.

Stanford university discovery
Stanford University: Accelerating time to discovery for new treatments and interventions that can help children overcome learning disabilities.

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Story highlights

  • Accelerated research to help children with learning disabilities

  • Advanced collaboration with research and healthcare facilities worldwide

  • Reclaimed administrator and lab time for innovation and learning

Healthcare analytics and insights

Harmonize EHR, imaging, and genomic data and uncover new clinical insights in research.

Story highlights

  • Helped detect Alzheimer’s onset months or years in advance

  • Reclaimed 70% of team’s time for science

  • Sped development and improved accuracy of ML algorithms

  • Moved research from data analysis to ML in 25% less time