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Make data-driven clinical and operational decisions

Make timelier decisions, optimize care pathways and streamline your operations by better understanding your healthcare data with AI-powered analytics.

Healthcare data interoperability

Understand your data, in real time and at scale, with a unified view of FHIR, HL7v2, and DICOM data.

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Learn about our Healthcare API and other solutions for the pandemic

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  • Enabling clinical data’s storage and interoperability

  • Providers can offer video appointments via Google Meet

  • Patient info can be stored in Google Workspace (Docs, Sheets, Drive)

Healthcare analytics and insights

Make more confident and effective decisions by harmonizing clinical and operational data across your legacy systems.

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  • Sepsis predictions 4–6 hours before onset, with 85% accuracy

  • AI analyzes 65 variables like vital signs and lab results

Healthcare API management

Make it easy for healthcare providers, health data partners, and app developers to work together to build new FHIR API-based digital services.

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Story highlights

  • New early-warning system enables rapid intervention

  • Decreased by 33% the time patients spend at high-risk levels

  • System receives up to 3 million API calls per day

Healthcare operational dashboards

Enhance your ability to visualize population health and operations by augmenting your business intelligence with leading-edge analytics.

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  • Launching the COVID-19 National Response Portal

  • Gathers data from ~35 million annual patient encounters

  • Will provide HIPAA-compliant data from 185 hospitals

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