Caregiver experience

Support caregivers by streamlining administrative processes and offering insights that simplify workflows, inside and outside your facilities.

Frontline caregiver devices

Give providers more time with patients by empowering them to access information on the go with shareable, secure-by-design Chrome and Android enterprise devices.

Story highlights

  • Significantly reduced costs and maintenance for devices

  • Reduced device setup time from hours to minutes

  • Improved device uptime, since automatic updates eliminate time-consuming patching and updating

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Modern end-user computing

Empower caregivers to offer timelier, more insightful care by securely accessing health information from any Chrome device.

Cloud-native collaboration apps

G Suite’s cloud-native apps help caregivers save time by simplifying administrative tasks, aiding collaboration and communication, and making it easy to access information from anywhere.

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Story highlights

  • Reclaimed 30% of caregivers’ time for patient interactions, improving patient experiences

  • Enabled new employees to get up and running immediately

  • Reduced IT costs by $1.3 million over three years

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Work transformation

Improve efficiency with G Suite by enabling real-time collaboration across healthcare organizations.