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Today’s games require constant content updates at a furious pace. Google Cloud is creating tools and services to help developers build better games, in less time.

Simplified matchmaking

Co-founded with Unity

Building and scaling a matchmaker for each game can be time-consuming and costly. Leverage the simplicity, scalability, and reusability of Google Cloud’s open source framework while maintaining control of your match logic.

Story highlights

  • Over 100 million players in 62 countries

  • Concurrent user load of more than 500,000 players during a five-minute window at peak

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Open Match

Co-founded by Unity and Google Cloud, Open Match is an open source, Kubernetes-backed project that lets you standardize on an industrial-strength matchmaker framework while still giving you full customization and control of your match logic.

Automated playtesting

Decrease time spent on playtesting with AI and ML, while giving your level designers better insights on how to improve your game.

Story highlights

  • Migrated Europe’s second largest Hadoop cluster to BigQuery

  • Over 25 million rounds played with virtual agents

  • 7 trillion events using cloud dataflow in six months

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Smart analytics

Analyze billions of events per day in near real time and generate insights from data with a complete serverless suite of analytics and machine learning tools.

Chat translation

Bring your players closer together by translating in-game chats and texts to provide a truly global experience.

6-minute read

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Story highlights

  • Supported real-time chat for 300K concurrent users

  • Gained the scalability to seamlessly support peaks and troughs in player demand

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Artificial intelligence

Put the best of Google’s artificial intelligence to work helping your business run faster and smoother, while finding new ways to delight your customers. Rapidly and cost-effectively bring AI into your business with flexible tools for every level of machine learning expertise.